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4 Tips for Nurturing a Garden Hobby in Your Assisted Living Apartment

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4 Tips for Nurturing a Garden Hobby in Your Assisted Living Apartment

Science has long seen a connection between people’s moods and the presence of indoor plants in their living and working areas. NASA research even shows that indoor plants filter the air in your space, which could lead to more comfortable and healthy apartments.

Whether you’re seeking some of these benefits of indoor plants or you simply want to keep indulging your green thumb, growing things in your assisted living apartment doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips for getting started with a new hobby or continuing your gardening habit in your new environment in Arlington.

1. Expert growers can challenge themselves with plants that don’t take up much space.

Whether you choose a two-bedroom, one-bedroom or studio apartment, your home at Bethesda Gardens in Arlington, TX, has enough room to support an indoor gardening habit, especially if you choose your plants wisely. If you’re an expert grower, consider opting for plants that require a lot of attention and time but don’t take up a great deal of space. Bonsai trees and orchids are both good choices, and because you’re gardening indoors, you won’t have to choose plants that can survive the Texas summers.

2. Experience farm to table gardening, right on your windowsill.

If your gardening joy comes from tending ingredients for your own table, you can still engage in that hobby while living in an assisted living community. You can grow leafy greens like spinach or lettuce in indoor containers, especially if you have enough window light or a growing light, but one of the easiest things to cultivate in your apartment may be a small herb garden. You can dry the herbs to add your own seasonings to foods or grow things like lavender for use in making soaps or sachets.

3. Beginners may want to start with plants that are hardy and easy to grow.

If you’re starting a new hobby, opt for inexpensive and easy plants you can grow in almost any container. Aloe vera, bromeliads and various ivy plants are usually easy to grow indoors, and you can start them in containers purchased from dollar stores or even saved from the garbage. Consider asking the dining hall staff for empty plastic containers after ingredients such as ice cream or butter are used.

4. Share your delight with others in the assisted living community.

Ask about gardening group activities or opportunities in and around the assisted living community. Gather with a group in the activity center for garden club meetings or to discuss tips and ideas for indoor gardening, ask staff about any opportunities to participate in outdoor garden spaces and talk to staff in charge of transportation about planning trips to nearby public or botanical gardens.

Transitioning to an assisted living space doesn’t have to mean an end to hobbies and activities. In fact, many residents of Bethesda Gardens find that the support and encouragement of staff members and other residents helps them engage more actively with interests and enjoy social companionship at the same time.