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Starting the Day Off Right: 6 Morning Habits for Good Health

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Starting the Day Off Right: 6 Morning Habits for Good Health

September is National Better Breakfast Month, making it a great time to start a new habit of heading to the dining room to score a healthy meal to start your day off right. Anytime dining and an Always Available menu mean you can start the day off right no matter when that works for you in our Arlington assisted living community.

Breakfast is an important part of any day because it breaks the night's fast, kick-starts your metabolism and boosts your energy for morning tasks. But there are also other activities you can engage in to start your morning off right. Here are six habits that can boost your spiritual, mental or physical health if you do them every morning.

1. Yoga and Stretching

A bit of light exercise in the morning gets your blood flowing and helps work out the overnight kinks, but always check with your healthcare provider before you start any new workouts. Start with a few appropriate yoga poses, spending a few minutes enjoying the feelings of stretching and the quiet time reflecting on the day ahead.

If you're working with a PT or OT, you may have been given stretches and exercises to perform daily. First thing in the morning is a great time because you'll have energy to finish them and won't run the risk of forgetting to do them during the day.

2. A Brisk Walk

If yoga or stretching doesn't appeal to you or isn't safe for you at this time, opt for a brisk walk through the community instead. Walking works a wide range of muscles and can help you set the tone for an active day.

3. Meditation

Even in our assisted living community, days can fill up quickly with the hustle and bustle of life. Taking a few minutes in the morning for quiet reflection stills your soul and focuses your mind, helping you file away distractions so you can enjoy whatever the day holds. Use a meditation app or book, or engage in faith-based meditation and prayer during this time.

4. Devotions

Start your day on a spiritual note with devotions. You can simply read a few verses from the Bible and reflect on their meaning and what God might want you to glean from them today or invest in a devotional book that provides a short guide for this time during each day.

5. Gratitude Journaling

Many people take time each evening to write down some things they're thankful for, but why not start your day off with gratitude. Keep a small notebook in your assisted living apartment and write down a few things you're thankful for each day. You might take a moment to consider the day before or write down things you're looking forward to in the near future.

6. Daily Goal List

If you like to stay productive, consider making a short daily goal list each morning. Ticking off your to-do list each day can result in rewarding satisfaction, and simply writing down a few tasks helps you focus more on the day ahead and push yourself to do more with the time. And because you're retired, you can often create lists of tasks you would enjoy doing in between obligations such as appointments.